Poppy the Penguin and Snowflake the Snowman

“Do you want to Build a Snowman?”
How about creating characters from winter wonderland in your very own home? Any room will do,
you don’t need snow or freezing cold weather, just some very easy available objects.
Its super easy to do and kids of all ages will definitely have fun creating Poppy the Penguin and
Snowflake the  Snowman.
To make your characters you need:
1. six boxes going from a large one to a small one to create the shape of Poppy the Penguin and
Snowflake the Snowman.


2. Now you need  some black and white paint to paint the boxes and leave them to dry.


3.Now you need some black and orange cardstock and a pair of scissors for children or only to be used by adults and some glue: cut-out the shapes needed for the eyes, noses and mouth and glue them to the boxes that will be used for the head to form a cute face.


4. Consider some optional decorations like scarves made of crepe paper, hats made of cardstock, strips and balls of cottonwool glued to the bottom of Snowflake and pom-poms for the buttons.

And here they are…


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