Lets meet Santa Claus and his Elves

The eighteenth December was a very exciting day for all the children of the school: they were going to meet Santa Claus and his elves.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to make our own elf hats,the children loved it.

Once the hats were ready, we then went to the makeup artist elves where they painted everybody’s face to look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer: they all look really cute…


Now it was time to have some fun dancing, singing and listening to the story of how Santa started taking toys and presents to the good children all over the world.


And how do Santa Claus and his elves know what the children want for christmas? Letters!!

Now it was time to write and post their letters to Santa to let him know what they wanted to recive for Christmas.





After everybody was happy with this, Santa invited us all to have a little snack and prepare some biscuits with the chef elves but..Suddenly The Gringh arrived and destroyed all the delicious biscuits prepared by the children: naughty naughty Grinch; but not to worry..as soon as the Grinch left the kitchen, the chef elves allowed everybody to prepare some more biscuits for Santa and the reindeers.



Content and satisfied with the hard work, more elves came and brought the little chefs in a room where they prepared fantastic little christmas trees and learnt why there is always a  star at the peak of the tree.


Now it was time to meet a sweet Befana who chatted and spent some time with our now little expert elves, and sent them happily back to school just in time for lunch.

They were overjoyed and enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to tell the othe teachers all that they had encountered that day..



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